Staff pay account

Amount Limit:
10.000 after discount per wage period. The Staff Pay Account will automatically be blocked until the next wage period I reach the limit.

Coverage of my bills:
My next net salary must cover my bills. I have to be aware of this myself. The bookkeeping can charge me any exceeding amount without staff discount. In that case, I must transfer the amount immediately. I am liable for any transactions made via my Staffpay Profile

I am not allowed to buy on staff tab if:

    • I don’t have access to Staff Pay Account
    • If my Staff Pay account is blocked (No matter the reason)
    • My employment has ended (Whether my account may not be blocked yet)

In these cases, I have to pay on the spot without discount

Suspected misuse
If I suspect that my Staff Pay Account is being altered, I’ll have to block it immediately. I am liable for abuse up to the amount limit per commenced wage period until I have blocked it, regardless of the circumstances.

I block my account by sending an e-mail to with the following information:


Emne:     ”Spærring”

Tekst:     Firstname                  Cell Phone No.

Middlename (evt.)     Place of work (main work place)

Lastname                   Position (my job function)


The block is valid when I have sent the e-mail. If I do not type “Spærring” as subject, I am liable for any abuse until the administration reads my mail at a later time, regardless of the circumstances.

Copy of Staff bills:
If I want a copy of my bills, I must ask the waiter for a copy upon my visit.

System failure:
If the Staff Pay Account cannot be used due to system failure, I must instead write my info on the bill. (Full name + work place + my signature.) I cannot write on bill in other cases than system failure.

New Telephone number:

The Staffpay Account is connected using my Telephonenumber. – It is therefore my own resposibility to inform if I change my phonenumber.

Lending my Staff Pay Account out:
I must never lend my account to others (including colleagues and family members). Lending out my account is a material breach of my employment relationship and may result in the immediate termination of my employment.

Change of workplace within Sovino Brands:

If I change place of work within Sovino Brands, I am required to inform and inform them of previous and current place of employment. If I fail to do so, the administration may close my Staffpay Account.

Other violations and other rules:
If I violate any of the other rules, I am in breach of my employment relationship.

I am familiar with the rules about discounts and about visiting to the restaurants in the company group’s Intro