Sovino Brands


Your planning tool!

Knowing when to work is probably the most important thing… besides the guest of course…

Tamigo is where you create and maintain the shifts for yourself and all employees in your department. – Some of the Sovino Brands Restaurants have multiple departments within, and access to specific departments may be restricted depending on your access level.

Your contract is also generated using tamigo and you can easily sign it with Nem-ID / MitID and keep a copy for yourself via the website.

Tamigo is also where you request vacation. – (Be aware that some of the restaurants or departments requires further approval for your vacation request)

Tamigo is used to register your hours. When your profile at tamigo is created, a login profile for the Point of Sale system (Or “POS / “kassesystem”) is automatically created. – Whoever is in charge will help you get your sign-in card. The POS tracks your clock-in and clock-out.

The sign-in card contains a looooong number on the back. Use the last 5 digits for the credit card machines or the infamous “Tablets”

We could write a very detailed description of how tamigo works and how it connects with various applications but thats not really important. – If you want to know everything, make a pot of coffee and ask your daily “boss” how it works. They might have 7-8 hours of their spare time some day in 2031.

Go to Tamigo here: Tamigo!

And download the app here: Tamigo app!