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Staffpay Application


Staffpay is your way into the Sovino Social club. A strictly employee’s only membership for our Sovino Brands Staff.

Your staffpay accounts grants you a 30% discount upon visit at any Sovino Brands restaurants and allows you access to the Sovino Social site in wich you can participate in all sorts of non-work related events with other members of the staff.

Please read the following guidlines before applying:

Staffpay Guidlines (Dansk)

– Staffpay Guidlines (English)

Please fill out the form below to apply for your Staffpay Account. You will receive confirmation when your account is ready.



Sign-up for Staffpay


    If you work at more than one of the Sovino Brands Restaurant, please choose the one in which you have the most hours planned.

    Have you had a Staffpay/Staff Card Account before?

    If you own an Android device, please make sure to have Android 12 installed prior to downloading the Sovino Brands App.