Sovino Brands

Your toolbox

The “required” ones

Some of the tools presented is simply required for you to maintain your daily duties at work. Read more by clicking the links below.

The “data” ones

18 restaurants usually generates 4.782 pages worth of data every day… or the equivelant of 4 bibles a day.

The “guest related” ones

Are we getting busy during lunch or is my mother in law dining tonight?

The “optional” ones

Although both of these are optional, we highly recommend you read about it anyway…



There is a lot of information and “how-to’s” when working in Sovino Brands and we could spend days describing them all. Instead, we kindly ask, that your colleagues helps you sort out most of the “service” ones.

We, of course, will gladly help you out with the administrative Back of House duties and help you get access to the key applications mentiond above.

All you have to do, is fill out the form below and select those applications that you and your manager agreed.


    Please give access to:
    (*P = Personal account)

    Reprting & Analytics

    Micros In Motion

    SevenRooms (*P)

    Jablotron Alarm Systems (*P)

    Personal work e-mail (*P)

    The Employee has received:

    Manager POS Access