Your toolbox




Your planning tool (Tamigo)

Tamigo is where you see your shifts for yourself and all other employees in your department. – Some of the Sovino Brands Restaurants have multiple departments within, and access to specific departments may be restricted depending on your access level.
Go to Tamigo here: Tamigo!
And download the app here: Tamigo app!

Your learning tool (Actimo)

Actimo is (Melanie skriv noget tekst her…) Donkey Kong, lorem, lol.





Your “how am i” (Weekli)

Weekli is a (Kim på banen med tekst!)
Download Weekli here: Weekli!



Your Discount tool (Sovino Brands App)

When you work at Sovino Brands, you get 30% discount on all the restaurants. – We controle the discount via our Sovino Brands App. – When you receive your first paycheck, you can apply for a Staffpay account.
Create an account, read news, see events and use your discount
Download the App from App Store or Google play here: App Store or Google Play




Listed below is a quick guide to all the tools provided for you, to maintain the basic Back of House tasks.