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Reporting & Analytics

Your Reporting tool (Reporting & Analytics)

4.782 pages a day (4 bibles)

143.460 pages a month (643 Harry Potter books)

1.745.430 pages a year (3.395 Fifty shades of grey books)

Its a lot.. But luckily we have Reporting & Analytics.

Reporting & Analytics is your intire Back of House database. – It contains all sales of items, employee sales tracking, revenue, revenue by hour, revenue forecast. If your memory is bad, it can tell you when you where busy yesterday AND tell you when you will get busy today!

All restaurants have a “restaurant login” so they easily can access the required date. The dashboard on the front page gives you a live update on Sales & Forecasting

Are you in dire need of knowing how many Coca Cola’s you sold last month, R&A is your tool.

When you get home from work at 03.41 at night and can’t sleep? – This, will surely make your eyes tired immidiatly.

“How do I get access to this amazing tool?” – The restaurant manager might know the password, but if they forgot it, a new one can easily be made.

Otherwise, contact to get access.

Here are some statistics for you:

in 2021 we sold:

23.714 draft beers

405.187 drinks

8 Pots of Caylon Op Sri lanka (whatever that is…)

Access Reporting & Analytics here: R&A!

If you must know more…

View a short guide here: R&A Guide