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Staffpay Application

Staffpay Application Step. 1

Staffpay is your way into the Sovino Social club. A strictly employee’s only membership for our Sovino Brands Staff.

Your staffpay accounts grants you a 30% discount upon visit at any Sovino Brands restaurants and allows you access to the Sovino Social site in wich you can participate in all sorts of non-work related events with other members of the staff.

As of march 2023, all staff members at Sovino Brands are obliged to particiapte and complete an IT-security course as part of their employment.

Sovino Brands has, together with CyberPilot, developed different courses. hosted at CyberPilots own websites. In our organization, every employee plays an important part to IT-security. Therefore, you and your colleagues will be enrolled to CyberPilot Awareness-training.

Before you can apply for your Staffpay Account, please fill out the form below to apply for the first courses at CyberPilot.





Sign-up for CyberPilot

CyberPilot Awareness courses

    If you work at more than one of the Sovino Brands Restaurant, please choose the one in which you have the most hours planned.

    If you own an Android device, please make sure to have Android 12 installed prior to downloading the Sovino Brands App.